Virtual Guitar?

Players have always regarded their instruments with a matter of pride both in the ownership and the craft skills of its maker. They have also always used the best available materials from exotic sources such as what is known in the industry as tone woods from trees of certain types with varying properties.

A new method does not alter this desire for the best, but allows for consistent quality and a considerably more rapid evolutionary cycle, because the choice of materials is no longer limited. A new technology can match the sound and operating characteristics wanted with a "recipe" of different natural fibers, minerals and combining polymers.

The production method uses a cast made from a high strength steel mold, at more than a 200C high temperature, as well as very high pressure, more than 1000 kg per cm2!

This production method of speed and precision, gives the means to create acoustically enhanced products within industrial manufacturing. The method of recovery will also require a completely new design know-how and cross-section for cooperation.

The TONIC project's key objective is precisely to develop this knowledge with a concrete and long-term goal for the "virtual guitar" instrument maker, i.e. the planning and environmental expertise, which allows the incoming maker to create the instruments tone and other qualities directly at the design stage by the year 2016!

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