TONIC-Tonal Innovation Center - the project is working with Finnish companies and public operators interested in cooperating in developing the region as a center of excellence for musical instruments and acoustic based products and services. Covering all aspects required to develop the skills and resources to design, test, manufacture and market to international standards of excellence.

The project will support the North Karelia region already active in using natural fiber composite materials together with its musical instrument building and music know-how. The specific aim of the project is the economic development of Finnish enterprises to employ 350 people and create about 65 million Euros in annual revenue by 2025.

Natural fiber composite technology allows the manufacture of musical instruments on an ethically and ecologically sustainable basis,  that works well for attracting global trade and addresses climate concerns. This technology and production method can be used to replace the endangered wood species, with materials that have the desired tonal quality, look and feel, and durability for instruments that are ultimately recyclable.

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Post Seminar summary and media brief

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Seminar presentations

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TONIC 2nd Annual International Musical Instruments Seminar

Tonal Innovation Center (TONIC) will host the second annual International Musical Instruments Seminar in Joensuu, Finland with a welcome Reception ...

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