Education for Designers of the future?

One of the TONIC – Tonal Innovation Center project goals is to build an educational path for promoting natural fiber composite instrument knowledge more widely. At the same time seeking to ensure product development and growth of the industry in the future. In the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Center for Design and International Business) there already exists a Degree Programme in Design that is completely conducted in the English language. TONIC based education will be carried out as part of this study program from the autumn of 2012. The North Karelia University of Applied Sciences is a great place for TONIC based education, because here you can find the competence needed for natural fiber composite musical instrument manufacturing. In addition to design studies there are study programmes in international business, music, plastic engineering, communications, mechanical and production technology and environmental technology.

The idea of the TONIC based education is that students from around the world who are interested in instruments made from natural fiber composites can apply for this four-year Degree Programme in Design. During the programme they will study the industrial designer's basic required capabilities, with highlights on marketing and service design. Sustainable development based design is also discussed.

Student specialization opportunities are provided by optional study modules, multidisciplinary company projects, entrepreneurship possibilities and studies abroad. Students interested in natural fiber composites and instrument making can take optional studies from plastic design and music technology. Completing a Thesis also gives students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with one interesting topic more deeply, such as musical instruments.


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